ExacqVision - 1608-54T-R4ZL - 42 TB Z-Series Hybrid 4U recorder professional linux with 8 IP cameras licenses and 16 analog inputs
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Rackmount 4U cameras with 8 IP licenses, 16 looped analog inputs, RS-485 serial port, 16 alarm inputs, 16 alarm outputs, 4 audio inputs, dual GB NIC, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA (2 max. simultaneous), RAID 6, Ubuntu Linux 18.04 on SSD, redundant power supplies, keyboard and mouse, exacqVision Professional client and server software pre-installed, 3 year warranty and 5 year software updates.


High Performance Network Video Recorders

  • Continuously record up to 1,200 Mbps of video for high concentration of HD cameras
  • Support many simultaneous video to web/mobile clients with 1800 frames per second video
  • Simultaneously connect up to 500 remote clients
  • Optional dual 10 Gbps network interfaces for fastest archiving or mass client performance

High Reliability Network Video Recorders

  • Continuously record during single power source failure with dual power supplies
  • Enterprise-class, continuous-duty hard drives
  • Hot spare drive options for automatic replacement of failed drive
  • Uninterrupted operation and video preservation in event of one or two drive failures via RAID 5 or RAID 6
  • Solid state drive (SSD) for Linux or Windows operating system. Optional RAID 1 protected dual SSDs
  • Monitors hardware health in exacqVision client and with email/text notifications
  • ESM Failover feature protects against system failures (requires ESM and hardware)

High Capacity Network Video Recorders

  • Record up to 128 IP cameras and 64 analog cameras
  • Includes 8 IP camera licenses
  • Compatible with Thousands of IP camera models
  • Store up to 240TB with front accessible storage
  • Expandable to over 1.6PB with S-Series networked storage
  • Compatible with all exacqVision network recorders and VMS software for maximum scalability

VMS Software:

  • Pre-configured with exacqVision Professional VMS software (standard)
    • EasyConnect − automatically finds, addresses and connects IP cameras
    • Two-way audio
    • Powerful integration with retail security, financial and access control systems
    • Conduct investigations on recorded video, audio and data with thumbnail or timeline search
    • Bookmark important video for long-term retention
    • Video multi-streaming to optimize storage utilization and network traffic
  • View video anywhere (standard)
    • Unlimited Windows/Linux/Mac PC clients
    • Live and recorded video from any browser
    • Live and recorded video from most tablets and smartphones
  • Upgrade to exacqVision Enterprise software (optional)
    • VideoPush to remotely control video wall clients
    • Case Management to organize critical evidence
    • Active Directory / LDAP for IT administration of users
    • Easy, single-screen administration of cameras, users, storage and notifications
  • Enterprise System Manager (optional)
    • Maximize uptime with health monitoring

Host Certified Software Applications (CSA)

  • Ability to host CSAs such as video analytic or point-of-sale interfaces on the servers
  • Tested by Exacq for reliable operation
  • Save money on hardware and support costs and rack space by loading multiple applications on one server

3-Year Warranty and 5-Year Software Subscription Agreement (SSA)

  • Constantly increase VMS software features with included regular software updates
  • 5 years of unlimited software updates included
  • 3 years of system warranty
  • Add optional annual on-site video recorder repair service to diagnose and resolve issues faster within the continental United States
SpecificationsZ-Series Hybrid 2UZ-Series Hybrid 4U
Maximum IP Cameras128128
Maximum Analog Cameras16 or 3216, 32, 48, or 64
Included IP Licenses88
Pre-Loaded VMS SoftwareProfessional
Include SSA5 Years5 Years
Operating SystemWindows 10
Linux Ubuntu 18.04
Windows Server 2019 (Optional)
Windows 10
Linux Ubuntu 18.04
Windows Server 2019 (Optional)
Maximum Storage96 TB240 TB
Maximum Hard Drives820
Typical Video Storage Rate400 Mbps (Windows)
800 Mbps (Linux)
800 Mbps (Windows)
1200 Mbps (Linux)
Local Client Display Rate (1080p)700 FPS (Windows)
900 FPS (Linux)
700 FPS (Windows)
900 FPS (Linux)
CPUIntel Core i7
Intel Xeon (Optional)
Intel Core i7
Intel Xeon (Optional)
32 GB (Optional)
16 GB
32 GB (Optional)
Operating System Drive128 GB SSD128 GB SSD
Operating System RedundancyRAID 1 (Optional)RAID 1 (Optional)
Monitor OutputDVI-D, HDMI, VGA
2 Simultaneous
2 Simultaneous
NIC2 x 1 Gbps
4 x 1 Gbps (Optional)
2 x 10 Gbps SPF+ (Optional)
2 x 1 Gbps
4 x 1 Gbps (Optional)
2 x 10 Gbps SPF+ (Optional)
USB2 x USB 2.0, 4 x USB 3.02 x USB 2.0, 4 x USB 3.0
Alarm Inputs16 TTL
External USB I/O (Optional)
16 TTL
External USB I/O (Optional)
Alarm Outputs15 TTL & 1 relay
External USB I/O (Optional)
15 TTL & 1 relay
External USB I/O (Optional)
Audio Inputs1616
Audio Outputs44
Analog Outputs1 (16-Channel), 2 (32-Channel)1 (16-Channel), 2 (32-Channel), 3 (48-Channel), 4 (64-Channel)
DVDExternal (Optional)Internal or External (Optional)
AccessoriesKeyboard, MouseKeyboard, Mouse
Dimensions (H x W x D)3.5 x 17 x 24 in
8.9 x 43.18 x 60.96 cm
7.0 x 16.875 x 27 in
17.8 x 42.9 x 68.6 cm
Weight34 - 50 lbs
15.4 - 22.7 kg
49 - 90 lbs
22.3 - 40.9 kg
Input Voltage120/240 VAC
120/240 VAC
Power SuppliesRedundantRedundant
Power & Heat240 Watts/790 BTU/h (Max)
170 Watts/570 BTU/h (Typical)
390 Watts/1320 BTU/h (Max)
210 Watts/700 BTU/h (Typical)
Operating Temperature40° - 95°F
4.5° - 35°C
40° - 95°F
4.5° - 35°C
Warranty3 Years3 Years
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