ExacqVision - SSA-PRO-C - PROFESSIONAL software update to the current exacqVision version, per server.
PROFESSIONAL software update to the current exacqVision version, per server. 
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Powerful, Intuitive Video Management System (VMS) Features

Effectively monitor video, audio and data in real time

    • Customizable video wall
    • Two-way audio
    • Interactive mapping
    • Data integration from retail and access control systems
    • Notification overlays

Reduce review time and conduct investigations seamlessly

    • Bookmark important video to easily view later
    • Powerful thumbnail, timeline and list search capabilities
    • Export video in open-standard video formats
    • Or export as a self-contained player with tamper protection


Ease of Use & Flexible

  • Requires little to no training
  • Software installs in minutes
  • EasyConnect automatically finds, assigns and addresses certain IP cameras to the network
  • Auto-detection and connection of most IP cameras
  • Easily add IP camera licenses at any time
  • Per camera licensing with no base server fee


Constantly Expanding Functionality with Included Software Updates

  • Get more video management features without replacing your entire video management system
  • Includes one year of free software updates (three years on exacqVision NVRs)


Flexible Deployment

  • exacqVision Professional VMS software comes pre-configured and pre-installed on exacqVision out-of-the-box network video recorders
  • Installs on third-party servers


View Video Anywhere with Free Client Software

  • Select the interface that works best for you
  • Access live and recorded video on Windows, Linux or Mac PCs
  • Use the free web service application in any modern browser
  • Download the free Exacq Mobile app available for iOS and Android



Highly Scalable

  • Single client connects to thousands of servers
  • Allows you to connect up to 64 analog and 128 IP cameras
  • Video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection
  • Offers high video throughput with minimal CPU and RAM requirements necessary


Build a Best-of-Breed Physical Security System

exacqVision Professional VMS is compatible with:

Try exacqVision Now!

Try exacqVision Now

start bubble pro bubble enterprise bubble
Max cameras per server 16 Analog
16 IP
64 Analog
128 IP
64 Analog
128 IP
Max server connections per client 1 512 (thick client)
16 (web client)
512 (thick client)
16 (web client)
Windows and Linux server compatibility
Free Windows, Linux and Mac clients
Browser-based viewing of live/stored video
Tablet/Smartphone based viewing of live/stored video
Auto-detect and connect to 1,000s of supported IP cameras
Fish-eye/panoramic lens support (live and recorded)
Client bandwidth throttling
Pre-post alarm recording
Soft triggers
Per-camera min/max retention -
Time-lapse recording -
Extended storage -
Archiving -
Audit trail -
Setup Indicators -
Custom user groups -
Third-party integrations -
Smart search -
Email notifications for system health events -
exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard support -
Health dashboard of exacqVision NVRs and attached cameras - -
Advanced user role management - -
Dynamic client connection management - -
Scheduled configuration backups and recoveries - -
Scheduled version updates - -
LDAP/Active Directory - -
Compatible with exacqVision Virtual Appliance - -
Live View Start Professional Enterprise
View cameras on multiple monitors
PTZ control and presets
Digital PTZ control and presets
Motion and alarm indication
Event linking on discrete inputs
Event linking on video, serial and health events -
Event-driven and time-based video switching -
Camera groups -
Camera Links -
Multi-streaming -
Event notifications -
Maps -
Two-way audio -
Hierarchical maps for fast camera navigation - -
VideoPush - -
Camera inspection workflow - -
Search, Playback, Export and Archive Start Professional Enterprise
exacqReplay instant replay
Thumbnail & timeline search
List Search
POS and ATM serial text search
Multi-camera playback
Export to DVD
Export to .AVI, .MP4, .MOV or .EXE file
Multiple camera export -
Bookmarking -
Case Management - -
Software Updates Start Professional Enterprise
Available for Purchase        
Software Updates Included
(on exacqVision Servers)
3 years 3 years 3 years
Software Updates Included
(on 3rd-party Servers)
90 Days 1 year 1 year
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A&E Specifications Pro VMS Software