Dahua - LR1002-1EC - Single-port EoC Receiver
The LR1002-1EC Single-port EoC Extender serves two purposes: first it converts between a PoE signal and Dahua’s innovative Enhanced Power over Ethernet technology. Second, the extenders convert signals between coaxial cable and CAT5E/CAT6 Ethernet cable. These extenders allow non ePoE-enabled devices to take advantage of the long transmission distances that ePoE technology delivers.
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  • Converts between CAT5E/CAT6 and Coaxial Cable Transmission
  • Extends EoC Long-distance Transmission to non ePoE-enabled Edge or Head-end Devices
  • Supports PoE Transmission, up to 1000 m (3280 ft)
  • Supports IEEE802.3af and IEEE8022.3at Power Supply Standards
  • Supports the IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u Standards
  • Supports MDI/MDX Self-adaptation
Functional Ports One (1) RJ45, 10/100 Mbps Base-TX
One (1) BNC
Transmission Distance 100 Mbps: 400 m (1312 ft)
10 Mbps: 1000 m (3280 ft)
Power Consumption < 2 W
Transmission Bandwidth RG59 Coaxial Cable:
400 m (1312 ft) at 100 Mbps,
1000 m (3280 ft) at 10 Mbps
PoE Protocol IEEE802.3af (PoE) and IEEE802.3at (PoE+)
Network Standards IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x
Operating Temperature – 30 °C to 65 °C (– 22 °F to 149 °F)
Application Humidity 5% to 95%
Lightning Protection Common Mode: 4 KV
Differential Mode: 2 KV