ETS HSM5D 5 Inch round Indoor/Outdoor Speaker/ Directional Microphone (C5 option same price) use with SMA1
Weather resistant, Indoor/outdoor, Omni-directional pre-amplified microphone and 70V 2W, 5 inch round horn speaker for use in two way public address audio surveillance systems. The HSM5D's microphone is concealed in the speaker sound chamber which protects the microphone from weather and converts the microphone into a directional pattern pickup with -12db attenuation (at 90 degrees) on all sides. Locating the microphone in the Speaker's sound chamber also lowers the overall cost of the unit.

Connects directly to our switcher / mixer / amplifiers or use one of our many interface products to make connections to DVRs or remote monitoring equipment.

NMEA enclosure / breakout circuit board with...
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