ETS HSM6-DP 6x6 Ruggedized speaker/microphone with high performance microphone use with SMA1
Weather resistant, Indoor/outdoor, Omni-directional pre-amplified microphone and 70V 10W, 6x6 Inch armored square horn speaker for use in two way public address audio surveillance systems. The HSM6-DP's microphone is concealed in the speaker sound chamber which protects the microphone from weather and converts the microphone into a directional pattern pickup with -12db attenuation (at 90 degrees) on all sides. The HSM6-DP also contains a high performance microphone pre-amplifier with adjustable hi pass and low pass audio filters and AGC.

The HSM6-DP speaker microphone in combination with our DNR-1 noise canceling processor, is ideal for use in outdoor applications where voice communications...
Part number:

Compatible DVR & IP Camera Interface Equipment:

Standard Interfaces:

  • SMA1-LP
  • SMA1-MP

Compatible standard stand-alone two-way base stations:

  • STW2
  • STW4