VideoTec - EXHC203R - Housing RAL7032 triple heater 230Vac -40°C/50°C (-40°F/122°F)
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The EXH housings are made with strong Anticorodal aluminium die-cast alloy of AISi Mg EN AB- 42000 group.

The cylindrical body of the EXHC housing (210mm diameter and 400mm length) is closed on opposite sides by two 12 mm thick flanges. The housing is supplied with two holes for the 3/4" NPT cable glands. The camera housing is equipped with heater and optional sunshield.



  • Designed to meet the strictest international standards and to operate in hazardous areas
  • Solid, non corrosive die-cast aluminium construction
  • 2 holes for cable glands 3/4" NPT
  • Environment temperature: -40ºC/+50ºC (-40ºC/+122ºF) with reinforced heater


  • Non-corrosive die-cast aluminium (anticorodal)
  • Epoxy powder painted with orange peel effect, RAL7032



  • 2 holes for cable glands 3/4" NPT
  • External dimensions:
  • EXHC Ø 210mmx427.5mm (8.2x16.8in)
  • EXHD Ø 250x573.5mm (9.8x22.6in)
  • Internal dimensions:
  • EXHC Ø 180x380mm (7x14.9in)
  • EXHD Ø 180x460mm (7x18.1in)
  • Internal usable area:
  • EXHC 100x100x280mm (3.9x3.9x11in)
  • EXHD 100x100x280mm (3.9x3.9x11in)
  • Glass window:
  • EXHC Ø 114mm (4.5in)
  • EXHD 70x56mm (2.7x2.2in)
  • Unit weight:
  • EXHC 15kg / 33lb
  • EXHD 24kg / 52.9lb
  • Glass protection device:
  • Glass protection device: Ø 250x140mm (9.8x5.5in)
  • Mylar film 80mm (3.1in) wide and 18m (59ft) length, 350 shifting steps, marks printed on the last 50cm (19in)



  • Reinforced heater: Ton 15ºC±4ºC (59ºF±7ºF), Toff 22ºC±3ºC (72ºF±5ºF)
  • 3 resistors in the housing, consumption 60W max
  • Glass protection device:
  • 24Vac, power consumption 2W max
  • Devices to install inside the housing
  • Camera equipped with lens with max total power of 20W
  • Voltage max. 24Vac or 230Vac
  • Useful volume for camera / lens: 2800cm ³
  • Minimum distance between the walls of the housing and the camera/lens: 12mm



  • For installation indoors and outdoors
  • Operating temperature with heating: -40ºC / +50ºC (-40ºF/+122ºF)
  • Always refer to the temperature in the marking.



  • ATEX (EN 60079-0: 2009, EN 60079-1: 2007, EN 60079-31: 2009):
  • Ex II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb
  • Ex II 2D Ex t IIIC T85 ºC Db IP66
  • 0044: notify number from competent body
  • IECEx (IEC 60079-0: 2007, IEC 60079-1: 2007, IEC 60079-31: 2008):
  • Ex d IIC T6 Gb
  • Ex t IIIC T85 ºC Db IP66
  • EAC EX:
  • Ex II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb,-40ºC/+50ºC
  • EX II 2D Ex t IIIC T85ºC Db -40ºC/+50ºC, IP66
  • KCs 16-KA4BO-0057 -16-KA4BO-0058
  • Ex d IIC T6
  • Ex tb IIIC T85ºC